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Yo! I just want to tell my story about what happen to me this past night, if you don't want to read this just jump below and click the Download Button.

This story is kinda creepy but if you wanted to read this just go on.

My friend of mine asked me if i can deliver something then i answer ofc as long as you give me my favorite food "It's C.A.K.E", then he replied sure!
After a long long talk he gave me a BOX to deliver from his Aunt the Address is written in a small crappy paper also he asked me to deliver this BOX on the evening so no one would notice.

Around 10:00 - 11:00 I started heating my Motorcycle then i started moving so i can get back asap to continue playing my game "Meet n' fuck". Few minutes after i started getting anxious because of my surrounding because i'm on a Forest with Buzzing sound i think it's a cicada. I continue to drive until i saw a little house it's really small house made of woods. I can barely see inside using my motorcycle headlight. I began knocking the door *knock knock knock* and no one answered, my feet and hand is now shaking so hard. Then i knock again 3 times and i heard a cricking sound and i shouted! "Tao po! Ako pala yung kaibigan nung pamangkin niyo pinadala sakin yung BOX" in english "Hello! I'm a friend of your Nephew he asked me to deliver this BOX" and still no one answered i really want to go home on this moment but i can't leave this BOX outside because if i did my friend will be mad at me. Then i continue knocking the door like a crazy and i saw someone on Window staring at me then i said "Pinadala po yung BOX sakin" still she or he didn't replied at all. I started freaking out and just left the BOX on the door running with my Motor, i can't ride my motor because my feet are shaking and the only thing is on my mind is to get on the Road as fast i can i didn't even think i have my Motor i just pushed it along with me. Then i reached the road and i tried to start my motor using the Starter button but it won't work and i started hearing a sound of a walking man on a wet land. I started kicking my motor and still it work and i gather all my stamina to push this motor again. I really run far from that house and i checked my motor if theirs a problem on this useless motor and i saw the tube that supply the gasoline being slashed i also check my tank if it has a gasoline left but it's empty i really wet my self on this moment and i began crying. I open my phone to ask some help from my friend asking them if they can go here and fetch my ass up but their said they can't because it's really on a midnight. And i ask a help from the Police. I explain everything to them, i also asked if i should leave my motor and run or stay and they said "Kung kaya mong umakyat sa puno akyat ka" "If you can climb a tree and climb and stay" i climbed the nearest tree and cover my mouth, My feet and hand is shaking so hard and my heart is skipping a beat. After a few minutes staying on that tree thee cops came i started yelling at them so they can hear where i am. They said we should check the house i was talking about. We came back and the BOX is gone and no one is around on that house. The cops take me home after that.

I can't really forget what happen on that night, so i hope if someone asked you to deliver something on evening even it's a friend of your don't go so you won't feel the terror i felt.

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holy shiet, m8. Yer country has a bad public order or is it just in rural area ?


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